Previous consultations

Previous consultations

Regulatory Policy

This consultation relates to the Inspector-General's Regulatory Policy.

The Regulatory Policy will set out the general approach of the Inspector-General to performing their roles and responsibilities under the Water Act 2007 (Cth).

Indicative timings for the development of the Policy are:

  • Discussion paper released for comment March 2023
  • Draft Regulatory Policy released August 2023
  • Regulatory Policy finalised Quarter 4 2023.

Project documents

The Inspector-General published the Draft Regulatory Policy for this project on 11 August 2023.


Draft Regulatory Policy (PDF 1.27 MB)
Draft Regulatory Policy (DOCX 3.1 MB)

Submissions on the Draft Regulatory Policy are now closed.

The Inspector-General published the Discussion Paper for this project on 31 March 2023.

The Discussion Paper sets out the Inspector-General’s intended approach in applying the framework established under the Act.

Submissions on the Discussion Paper are now closed. Submissions and the Inspector-General's response can be accessed through the following links.


Discussion paper

Discussion paper (PDF 622 KB)
Discussion paper (DOCX 2.36 MB)

Inspector-General's response

IGWC response to submissions (PDF 632 KB)
IGWC response to submissions (DOCX 307 KB)


ACT Government Regulatory Policy cover letter (PDF 204 KB)

ACT Government Regulatory Policy submission (PDF 781 KB)

ACCC Regulatory Policy submission (PDF 265 KB)

MDBA Regulatory Policy submission (PDF 209 KB)

MLDRIN Regulatory Policy submission (PDF 246 KB)

NSW Government Regulatory Policy submissions (PDF 478 KB)

QLD Government Regulatory Policy submissions (PDF 159 KB)

Snowy Hydro Limited Regulatory Policy submissions (PDF 430 KB)

SA Government Regulatory Policy submissions (PDF 139 KB)

VIC Government Regulatory cover letter (PDF 229 KB)

VIC Government Regulatory Policy submissions (PDF 545 KB)

If you have difficulty accessing these files, email for assistance.


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