An annual workplan is developed each year and will inform the Australian community of the priorities of the Inspector-General for that year, including the work to be undertaken by the office.

The Inspector-General’s legislative functions can be found at Water Act 2007 s 215C

The Inspector-General will not duplicate the roles of existing Commonwealth or state government agencies in addressing instances of non-compliance and/or illegal activity.

Annual Report 2021-2022

Each year, the Inspector-General of Water Compliance must report on the activities undertaken in the previous financial year by preparing an annual report (section215Y, Water Act 2007). This report not only fulfills that legislative obligation, it also ensures the Inspector-General operates in a transparent manner by sharing findings, reporting on commitments and communicating with the public.

It should be noted that the Inspector-General’s annual report is not typical of an annual report prepared by an Australian Government agency. The Inspector-General is supported by the Australian Government Department of Climate Change, the Environment, Energy and Water (DCCEEW) which publishes an annual report containing information such as financial statements and other information to meet statutory requirements under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.


Title Size
2021-2022 Annual Report PDF 10.5 MB
2021-2022 Annual Report DOCX 7.4 MB


This work plan reflects the Inspector-General’s approach to ensure water is managed in accordance with the rules set by the Basin Plan and report the facts to the community.

The Inspector-General has a proactive approach to address the risks in water compliance and areas where the office has concerns about water management and compliance.

As an independent regulator, the Inspector General has discretion in performing compliance and enforcement functions, and at any time may use his powers and choose to change his priorities beyond those published in the work plan.


Title Size
Annual Workplan 2022–2023 PDF 202 KB
Annual Workplan 2022–2023 DOCX 1.05 MB
2021-2022 Inspector-General of Water Compliance - Compliance Priorities and Workplan PDF 392 KB
2021-2022 Inspector-General of Water Compliance - Compliance Priorities and Workplan DOCX 1.26 MB

Memorandums of Understanding

Memorandums of Understanding are agreements setting out how agencies work together. The Inspector-General of Water Compliance has Memorandums of Understanding with:


Title Size
Memorandum of Understanding Inspector-General and Basin State compliance regulators 681 KB

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